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What is apt•VISITOR?

AptVisitor will automate the process of logging guests, visitors and contractors to increase security and efficiency in the building.

To expedite guest entrance, residents will either be able to pre-authorize guests or the guard will be able to automatically dial a resident for a verbal authorization when the guests arrive. Regular visitors, such as housekeepers, can be permanently authorized for admittance to the building. The AptVisitor system will log any incoming guests and store it in a secure fashion for future auditing needs.

The AptVisitor system uses a camera system to quickly scan, read and optionally store any US state issued ID to maintain site security and reduce the risk of incorrectly entering important guest information. In addition, a camera can be used to record information about the car they used to enter the premises.

Once authorized, a customizable car and entry permit is printed, and the front desk is alerted to the incoming guests and the resident they are visiting. Optionally, a digital signature pad can be added at the front desk to store guest’s signature when they enter the building.

AptVisitor will make guest arrival smoother, quicker and more organized, making life easier for staff and residents alike. Should a crime take place that involved a guest, the details about their visit can be retrieved and compared to video camera footage.

Key Features: