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Client Testimonial

Our condominium installed the AptPackage and AptDisplay systems for logging our incoming packages and notifying our residents in November 2009. From the very beginning. We were very impressed with the high level of professionalism and support we received from everyone at QED. Once pruchased, the installation was smooth and efficient, and the training was quick and effective.

The product is simple to understand and easy to use. We have been using the system now for alomst 1 year, and are extremely happy with it. Our residents find the large screens located in the mailrooms clear and easy to read, and also appreciate the other notification options offered such as email and text messages. The system has proved to be very reliable and extremely good value for the money. We would highly recommend the AptPackage and AptDisplay system to any other condominiums or apartment buildings that have a centralized package receiving area, and are currently using a manual system.

Hyman D. Zelcer, LCAM
Property Manager of Delvista Towers Condominium Association, Inc.
Aventura, FL.

Letter from Hyman D. Zelcer, LCAM