An innovative, efficient and secure software and hardware solution for condominiums and apartment buildings to manage the incoming packages and deliveries for their residents.
AptDisplay offers customizable TV or computer monitor displays to inform residents of waiting packages, and disburse building-wide notifications.
AptVisitor will automate the process of logging guests, visitors and contractors to increase security and efficiency in the building.
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Who We Are

QED Technology Systems LLC, has a reputation for its client-centric approach to systems solutions. Focusing on the needs of multi-residency, high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings, QED designs computer-based systems to facilitate many of the routine processes like managing incoming packages and visitor logs. Through a combination of personalized and pre-designed systems, the QED system can reduce overall costs while increasing efficiency, reliability and effectiveness. QED developers work with a variety of platforms, and use cost-effective hardware and software technologies to make the solutions affordable.

Our Focus

Our products and services are always targeted towards the needs of our customers. We follow a simple business formula in every product we develop - improve efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing overall costs. We are constantly striving to improve our existing products and identify new areas in the market where we can develop an innovative solution.